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Languages of the UEFA Euro 2024

UEFA Euro 2024 – Languages of the Euro

The UEFA Euro 2024 is taking place in Germany. For a month, men’s national football teams of over 24 different countries will dispute in the tournament. With so many countries taking part, it is no wonder that there are so many languages being spoken on the pitch. Discover what are the languages of the UEFA Euro 2024 with Cactus.

Main Languages of the Euro 2024

There are 24 national teams taking part in the UEFA Euro 2024. However, are there 24 different languages being spoken on the tournament? Learn more about what are the languages of the UEFA Euro 2024 and which languages do the teams choose to speak.

French Speaking Teams – 3

There are 3 countries taking part in Euro 2024 who consider French to be their official language. Those are Belgium, France and Switzerland. However, despite this, it doesn’t mean French will be used as their main language on the pitch. In countries that have multiple official languages, players are likely to speak to each other in the language they are most comfortable with. So, Belgium and Switzerland players might use another language (including English!) to talk amongst themselves.

German Speaking Teams – 3

As Euro 2024 will take place in Germany, the Germany men’s national football team has a guaranteed spot. Along with Germany there will be Austria and Switzerland that consider German their official language. But, despite speaking German, the Swiss team might also speak French or Italian amongst themselves.

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Dutch Speaking Teams – 2

There are two teams that consider Dutch their official language – Belgium and Netherlands. Belgium, as mentioned before, has several main languages and therefore might not use Dutch on the pitch. Regardless, the Netherlands will be using Dutch and orange with proud on the football matches.

English Speaking Teams – 2

English is the official language of 2 national teams – England and Scotland. The Scottish and English men’s national football team might have one other national team joining them. In the past, Belgium has reported to use English as their main language on the men’s national football team. Despite English not being an official language of the country, they have used it to make the communication easier amongst players.

Italian Speaking Teams – 2

Italian is an official language of two teams of the Euro 2024 – Italy and Switzerland. Whilst it’s guaranteed that Squadra Azzurra will be using Italian inside and outside of the pitch, it’s not for Switzerland. The Swiss men’s national football team might use French or German more frequently.

Languages of the UEFA Euro 2024

Other Languages of The UEFA Euro 2024

With teams from all over Europe taking part in the UEFA Euro 2024, there are many other national languages being spoken on the pitch. All of these languages are official languages of one team each only. From Albanian and Danish to Portuguese and Spanish, there are over 15 languages on the tournament.

Other languages of the UEFA Euro 2024:

Learn a Language of the UEFA Euro 2024

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