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Choose the Best Way to Learn Chinese Mandarin

When you learn Chinese Mandarin with Cactus you will receive impartial advice and information about the best way for you to achieve your specific language learning goals. We offer a range of Chinese Mandarin courses and classes to suit your needs, budget and timetable, ensuring that you fit the best fit for your Chinese Mandarin language learning goals.

To start, we recommend that all of our students check their level by taking our user-friendly, free online level test before they decide which level to book.

Group Evening Chinese Mandarin Courses

Cactus Language runs 10 week Chinese Mandarin evening language courses in the following locations across the UK: London, Manchester, Brighton, Cambridge and Oxford. The courses follow a 10-week programme, using a proven language teaching methodology, for two hours per week, once a week.

Your native speaking (or bilingual) teacher will also set you homework which should be completed between the lessons. The course content is based around a core course book, with additional materials and resources introduced each week by the teacher. In our classes you will learn standard Mandarin, and the lessons will focus on the key areas of vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing and pronunciation. Please visit our course outline page for full information on the Chinese Mandarin course content.

In order to maximise your learning and progress our Chinese Mandarin courses are immersive and our teachers will speak very little or no English in the lessons, depending on the level of the class. We also employ the ‘communicative approach’ which encourages learners to participate in the class by working in pairs and groups. The aim is to maximise the amount of time you spend speaking and communicating, by using the language as much as possible in your classes.

Group Mandarin Chinese Courses – UK Locations

Evening Courses in Brighton
Evening Courses in Cambridge
Evening Courses in London Holborn
Evening Courses in London Kings Cross
Evening Courses in Manchester
Evening Courses in Oxford

Private Tuition

Learn Chinese Mandarin at home or in your place of work. Cactus Language Training offers a range of options for private tuition including one-to-one classes and Skype lessons at the time and place of your choice. For more information about our private tuition options please visit our private tuition division.

Immersion Courses

An excellent way to improve your language skills in a short period of time is to take a language immersion course in the country that the language is spoken. Cactus offers full-time Chinese Mandarin language immersion courses in China, in the cities of Hong Kong and Shanghai.



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