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Events for Language Teachers in the UK

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial for teaching professionals. It’s not just about keeping up; it’s about thriving in an ever-evolving landscape. And what better way to stay at the forefront of your field than by attending language teaching events?

These gatherings aren’t just about learning; they’re invaluable opportunities to network, connect with peers, and immerse yourself in the latest trends and techniques. Discover the unmissable events for language teachers in the UK.

Conferences and Events for Language Teachers

Discover the unmissable events for language teachers in the UK.

London Language Teacher Events

11-15 July 2024 –  12th European Conference on Language Learning – Held in London, ECLL2024 encourages academics and scholars to meet and exchange ideas and views in an international forum stimulating respectful dialogue. IAFOR facilitates discussion around specific subject areas, with the the goal of generating new knowledge and understanding, forging and expanding new international, intercultural and interdisciplinary research networks and partnerships.

19-21 July 2024 – International Foreign Language Conferences 2024  The conference will explore important subjects in the field as language teaching, discourse analysis, translational studies, psycholinguistics and language terminology. As well as emotional and cognitive aspects of foreign language learning, among others.

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Manchester Language Teacher Events

10 June 2024 – Networking Event for Language Teachers – Routes into Languages North West is holding a workshop at Manchester Metropolitan University to bring together language teachers and university staff to share good teaching practice, meet one another, and more generally to support each other in maintaining the health of the subject.

7-10 July 2024 – 16th Teaching and Language Corpora (TaLC) Conference  The programme will consist of full papers, pre-conference workshops, poster sessions, as well as invited plenary talks from University professors. Topics that are within the scope of TaLC include, but are not necessarily limited to, corpus-based approaches to language learning, teaching and assessment.

12 October 2024 – Get into Teaching – Modern Languages – Find out more about the National Modern Languages SCITT’s teacher training course. Speak to staff, observe lessons and see what it’s like to be a languages teacher on Thursday 12st October.

18-20 October 2024 – 2nd World Conference on Language Learning – Exploring the role of language in intercultural communication, distance language learning, reflective learning, language and media, are just a few examples of topics covered. What’s more is that it will be hosted in Manchester, a city known for its diversity. We suggest blocking off an additional day or two on your calendar to explore the beauty and hidden gems of this dynamic city.

Edinburgh Language Teacher Events

15 May 2024 – International Conference on Virtual Learning and Distance Education (ICVLDE-24) – Bringing together industry professionals, academicians, and scholars to discuss their expertise for better collaboration in the field. ICVLDE-24 aims to accelerate the progress in the field of virtual and distance learning.

21-22 May 2024 – International Conference on Aspects of Language Teaching and Learning (ICALTL) – The sole intention of allowing participants access to the latest research insights, opportunities to disseminate research, network with fellow professionals. As well as taking advantage of opportunities to accelerate their careers in the discipline of Aspects of Language Teaching and Learning. This conference can be attended in person or online.

Online Events for Language Teachers

Teaching Languages Online – How to teach effectively, efficiently and confidently online. All the ideas and techniques shown revolve around the principles of providing a better learning experience for the learner. Not to mention reducing our stress levels and time you need to prepare and follow-up classes. Course is 4 hours total.

Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching Course  Understand the key concepts in effective teaching and learning languages. This free online course has been developed by the University of Southampton and the British Council. It draws on their work together producing a joint online MA in English Language Teaching. The course takes place over four weeks. In addition it will introduce you to some of the latest ideas in research and practice in language learning and teaching.

Introduction to Applied Linguistics and TESOL – Introduces the field of applied linguistics and how it relates to disciplines including linguistics and language teaching. As well as exploring real-world examples of applied linguistics, such as forensic linguistics and language assessment. You’ll look at the field’s impact on important issues, e.g. reducing gender bias in language use and simplifying legal language.

Free Online Courses for Language Teachers

Teaching Secondary Modern Foreign Languages – This free course will identify and explore some of the key issues around teaching modern foreign languages in secondary schools.

Teaching Spanish Pronunciation –  A short course aimed at teachers of Spanish working in the UK who wish to extend their theoretical knowledge on teaching Spanish pronunciation. It offers ideas and practical skills that can be used in the classroom, be that virtual or face-to-face.

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Frequently asked questions

What will I learn?

Our Course Outlines give an overview of the content and learning framework of Cactus courses. Includes themes, grammar and vocabulary you can typically expect to cover. These are intended as a guide only. Language teachers may at times adapt the course content to suit the specific level, aims and interests of the class.

How do I know what level I am?

Are you unsure where to start or progress to? Then take our level test and read our level descriptions for guidance.

Do I receive a qualification or certificate?

At the end of your course you receive a certificate of participation. You will be able to be download it from your MyCactus account. This confirms the language and level of course you have taken. Our course levels are based on two internationally recognised systems. You will have a universally accepted reference for your studies. (Important: Please note that you must complete the end of course questionnaire sent to you to be able to get your certificate! You will receive the course questionnaire by e-mail at the end of your course.)

Do I need a course book?

You will need a course book to attend your course. Course books are not included in the course fees. We recommend that you buy your own course book separately before your course starts. We will let you know which course book you will require and advise where you can purchase this. Please note that a course book often covers more than one level. So if you progress to the next course, you may not necessarily need to buy a new book. Again, we will advise you of this at the time. The course book is chosen by our teachers and academic team. This is based on which book is most suitable for the level of the class whilst offering the most communicative approach.

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