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Essential Italian Expressions

Are you planning to go on a holiday to Italy? Or perhaps just taking a short weekend break? If the answer is yes, you will want this guide of useful Italian expressions in your pocket. From Buongiorno to I don’t speak Italian, there are 20 essential Italian expressions you should know. Start learning Italian and make the most of your trip to charming Italy.

Essential Italian Expressions

Below you can a list of useful Italian expressions that cover most of everyday situations:

HelloBuongiorno (bwohn jour-noh)
GoodbyeArrivederci (ah-ree-vah-dair-chee)
PleasePer favore (pair fa-vohr-ray)
Thank youGrazie (grat-tzee-yay)

YesSi (see)
NoNo (no)
Excuse me/sorryScusi (skoo-zee)
My name is…
Mi chiamo… (mee kee-ah-mo)
What is your name?Come si chiama? (koh-meh see kee-ah-mah)
Nice to meet you
Piacere / Molto lieto (pee-ah-cheh-reh / mohl-toh lee-eh-toh)
Where do you come from?
Di dov’è? (dee doh-veh)

I come from Great BritainSono del Regno Unito
How are you?Come sta? / Come stai? (koh-meh stah / koh-meh sty)
Where is…?
Dov’è…? (doh-veh)

I would likeVorrei… (voar-ray)
How much is it?
Quanto costa? (kwan-toh cost-ah)
Can you help me?
Può aiutarmi? (pwoh ah-yoo-tar-mee)
I don’t understand
Non capisco (non kah-pees-koh)
I don’t speak ItalianNon parlo italiano (non par-lo ee-tahl-ee-ah-no)
Do you speak English?Parli inglese? (par-lee een-gleh-zeh)

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If you are looking to know more than just essential Italian expressions or Italian phrases, start learning Italian with Cactus. Choose a course that suits your learning style from online Italian classes to a face-to-face course. Start developing your Italian language skills with Cactus from beginner to proficiency. We offer online Italian classesacross the UKprivate classes and Italian language holidays.

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