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How to Say ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ in 22 Languages

Breaking up is never easy, but why not do it with a little flair and a catchy tune? Inspired by Taylor Swift’s iconic anthem “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” we’re about to show you how to end your relationship in style. We are about to say “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” in 22 languages. So grab your dictionaries, tune in to Swift’s empowering melody, and get ready to say “adios,” “au revoir,” “auf Wiedersehen,” and more in the most melodramatic yet hilarious way possible.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together in 22 Languages

How to break up with your partner in 22 languages. This is based on Taylor Swift’s song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”!

Learn how to say it in 22 different languages from Arabic to Ukrainian:
Arabic“हम कभी-कभी फिर से साथ नहीं होंगे” (ham kabhee-kabhee phir se saath nahin honge)
Chinese (Mandarin)“我们永远也不会重新在一起” (Wǒmen yǒngyuǎn yě bù huì chóngxīn zài yīqǐ)
Croatian“Mi se nikada više nećemo pomiriti”
Czech“Už se nikdy zase nedostaneme dohromady”
Danish“Vi kommer aldrig nogensinde tilbage sammen”
Dutch“We Komen Nooit Meer Bij Elkaar”
French“On ne se remettra jamais ensemble”
German“Wir Werden Nie Wieder Zusammenkommen.”
Greek“Δεν θα ξαναβρεθούμε ποτέ” (Den tha xanavrethoúme poté)
Hindi“हम कभी-कभी फिर से साथ नहीं होंगे” (ham kabhee-kabhee phir se saath nahin honge)
Italian“Non Torneremo Mai Più Insieme”
Japanese“私達は絶対よりを戻しません”( Watashitachi wa zettai yori o modoshimasen)
Korean“우리는 다시 결코 함께하지 않을 거야” (ulineun dasi gyeolko hamkkehaji anh-eul geoya)
Norwegian“Vi kommer aldri tilbake sammen”
Polish“Już Nigdy Nie Wrócimy Do Siebie”
Portuguese“Nunca Mais Voltaremos a Ficar Juntos”
Russian“Мы никогда больше не будем вместе” (My nikogda bol’she ne budem vmeste)
Spanish“Nunca Jamás Volveremos a Estar Juntos”
Swedish“Vi kommer aldrig mer att bli tillsammans igen”
Thai“เราจะไม่เคยกลับมารวมกันอีก” (Reā ca mị̀ khey klạb mā rwm kạn xīk)
Turkish“Asla tekrar bir araya gelmeyeceğiz”
Ukrainian“Ми ніколи більше не будемо разом” (My nikoly bilʹshe ne budemo razom)

If you want to discover more translations of songs from Taylor Swifts, keep your eyes on our articles! We’ll be delving into to her best hits and translating her catchy lyrics, everything from “Shake it off” to “All too well” so you can sing along at home or at the Era’s Tour.

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