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Halloween Vocabulary in German

The witching season is upon us! This time of year brings out all the spooks and ghosts as well as the opportunity to try out some new vocabulary from a different language! We have put together a list of Halloween vocabulary in German for you ghouls to learn. While a lot of these words have very specific uses, they all add to your language learning journey.

Halloween Vocabulary in German

Autumn / Fall: Der Herbst (m.)
31st October: Der einunddreißigste Oktober
All Saints Day: Allerheiligen
Halloween: Das Halloween (n.)
Pumpkin: Der Kürbis (m.)
Witch: Die Hexe (f.)
Broom: Der Besen (m.)
Cemetery: Der Friedhof (m.)
Candle: Die Kerze (f.)
Mask: Die Maske (f.)
Disguise / Costume: Die Verkleidung (f.) / das Kostüm (n.)
Skeleton: Das Skelett (n.)
Black cat: Die schwarze Katze (f.)
Bat: Die Fledermaus (f.)
Spider: Die Spinne (f.)
Scarecrow: Die Vogelscheuche (f.)
Jack-o’-lantern: Die Kürbislaterne (f.)
Vampire: Der Vampir (m.)
Goblin: Der Kobold (m.)
Mummy: Die Mumie (f.)
Monster: Das Ungeheuer (n.) / das Monster (n.)
Devil: Der Teufel (m.)
Sweets / Candy: Die Süßigkeiten (pl.)

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We hope you find these words and phrases useful this Halloween. Whether you are celebrating in Germany or trying to impress your German speaking friends, this Halloween vocabulary is perfect. And despite their meanings, we hope that it also shows that learning a new language doesn’t have to be scary.

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