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How to say “Happy Thanksgiving” in 10 Languages

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated mainly in the USA and Canada to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest. Saying “Happy Thanksgiving” is an essential phrase during late November. If you have American and Canadian friends and family then you must learn it.

Thanksgiving possibly dates back to 1565. Though the first Thanksgiving meal is generally thought to have taken place in 1621 around in the Plymouth. Plymouth was a colony and the meal was between the colonists and the Wampanoag tribe. It became a symbol of cooperation and interaction between colonists and Native Americans.

Thanksgiving became a national holiday in the USA in 1941. The holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the US. While in Canada it falls on the second Monday of October. Thanksgiving is not celebrated in other countries. The only exception would be by expatriate Americans and Canadians. Traditional Thanksgiving celebrations involve a large family meal which will nearly always include turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, and also big parades


“Happy Thanksgiving” in 10 other languages:

– French-speaking people in North America might wish one another ‘Bonne Action de grâce’ or ‘Joyeux Thanksgiving’. The Canadian French version of Thanksgiving Day is ‘Jour de l’Action de grâce’, and in France it is known as ‘le Jour de Merci Donnant’.

– In Spanish is known as ‘el Día de Acción de Gracias’ and Happy Thanksgiving is ‘¡Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!’. The festival is also known as ‘Día del Pavo’ (Turkey Day) by Spanish speakers from Latin America living in the USA.

– The Portuguese version is ‘O Dia de Acção de Graças’, and on the day ‘Feliz (dia de) acção de graças’.

– The German version is ‘Herzliche Danksagung’ or ‘Fröhliche Danksagung’. On the day itself is ‘Danksagung’.

– In Danish is know as ‘Helligdag’ and Happy Thanksgiving is ‘Glædelig Helligdag’.

– When speaking Dutch the holiday is ‘Gedenkdagen’ and Happy Thanksgiving is ‘Vrolijke gedenkdagen’.

– In Swedish is know as ‘Helgdag’ and Happy Thanksgiving is ‘God Helgdag’.

– For those speaking Polish, Thanksgiving Day is ‘Dzień Dziękczynienia’ or ‘Święto Dziękczynienia’. Whilst Happy Thanksgiving is ‘Święto dziękczynienia’ or ‘Wszystkiego najlepszego z ozkazji Święta Dziękczynienia’.

– In Chinese Mandarin Thanksgiving Day is 感恩節日 [感恩节日] (gănēnjiérì) and Happy Thanksgiving is 感恩節快樂 [感恩节快乐] (gănēnjié kuàilè).

– Japanese translates Thanksgiving day as 感謝祭 (kanshasai). To wish a happy one is感謝祭おめでとう (kanshasai omedetō) or ハッピー感謝祭 (happī kanshasai).

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