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20 Essential Holiday Phrases in Portuguese

20 Essential Holiday Phrases in Portuguese

Planning a trip to Lisbon, Madeira, or Cape Verde? If you are planning to go on holidays to a Portuguese-speaking country learning a few phrases can be very helpful. Portuguese is spoken in many top destinations including Algarve, Azores and Brazil. Whilst in many of those destinations you can get by speaking in English, locals will appreciate your effort in speaking Portuguese. Before you next trip abroad, learn 20 essential holiday phrases in Portuguese to make the most of your time.

Holiday Phrases in Portuguese:

HelloOlá / Oi
PleasePor favor
Thank youObrigado
Excuse me / SorryDesculpe / Perdão
My name is …O meu nome é …
What is your name?Qual é o teu nome?
Nice to meet youPrazer em conhecer-te
Where do you come from?De onde és?
I am from …Eu sou de …
How are you?Como estás?
Where is …?Onde está …?
I would like …Eu gostaria de …
How much is that?Quanto é isso?
How do I get to …?Como é que eu chego a …?
I don’t understandEu não entendo
I’m sorry, I don’t speak PortugueseEu sinto muito, eu não falo Português
Do you speak English?Você fala Inglês?

These 20 essential Portuguese travel phrases will be very useful on your next trip. You will be able to enjoy the best the country has to offer and interact with local people. A great way to discover the best hidden gems that only locals know about!

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Now that you know the holiday phrases in Portuguese it may be time to start learning Portuguese. You can start learning Portuguese online or in one of our language centres across the UK. We offer Portuguese courses in Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Manchester. Alternatively, you can learn it with our private Portuguese classes. Start your free trial.

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