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Language exchange event in london

Language Exchange Events in London

From language exchanges to cultural festivals bustling with music and dance, we’ve pulled together events in London which we think might be of interest to you. Each event offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of both language and local customs by engaging in lively conversations with native speakers or savouring traditional cuisine. Discover some upcoming language exchange events in London.

Language Events in London

Discover some upcoming language events in London.

  • Conversation & Community Night – Join a community of learners and native speakers of English, Spanish and Portuguese at El Rancho de Lalo in Brixton.

Spanish Events

  • 31st May – Spanish / English Scrabble Tournament – When music is in Spanish Speak Spanish, when music is in English Speak English. Introduce yourself, smile, have a drink, move around and have a great time. Not to forget the Scrabble Tournament!
  • Saturday’s – Ruta de las reinas españolas –  Guided tours which invites you to explore the geography of the British capital. Discovering the traces of the presence of the arts, culture, literature and history of Spain and Latin America through its key characters and figures of all time.
  • Spanish Wines and Tapas –  Taste a flight of five excellent Spanish wines, red, white and sparkling, alongside a range of Iberian culinary delights.
  • 6th June – Written and Printed Culture of Mexico in UK Collections –  Five sessions devoted to the examination of Mexican books, documents, or collections presently archived within UK repositories.
  • Sunday’s – Spanish Conversation and Picnic Bring food and snacks. It will be a great opportunity to meet new friends while having Spanish conversation.

French Events

  • French It Up Comedy Club –  Stand up show in French and English. Mixing pro comedians and open micers, in an easy going atmosphere at Exmouth Market. A line up of experienced comedians and the host in both languages.
  • 21st June – French Wine Tasting and Food Pairing – Indulge in a selection of French wines perfectly paired with a specialty.
  • 4th August – French Conversation and Picnic – Bring some French food and drinks and your good mood. It’s a great way to make new friends while having French conversation.

Italian Events

  • 16th June – Italian Picnic in Green Park – Bring some Italian food and drinks and your good mood. It’s a great way to make new friends while having Italian conversation.

Portuguese Events

Japanese Events

  • 8th June – Shifu : An endangered textile heritage with Kazuko Sato – An afternoon with Kazuko Sato, specialist in the Japanese art of weaving with kozo mulberry paper for 65 years.
  • Japanese Afternoon Tea –  A unique take on the classic British tradition with savoury dishes such as crispy shrimp, chicken katsu slider and pan-fried vegetable gyoza. Not forgetting sweet treats including selection of mochi, chocolate & caramelised miso tart, and warm scones. Served with yuzu curd.
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London offers a wealth of experiences that cater to diverse interests and preferences. From rich history to cultural offerings to scenic views. Discover upcoming language exchange events in London and join a language course.

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