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Scandinavian & Nordic Greetings & Useful Phrases 

Comprising Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and Faroese, Scandinavian and Nordic languages have become some of the most popular languages to learn in recent years. With their dramatic landscapes and friendly locals, this collection of North European countries are tourist hotspots, and the study of their languages is on the rise. For those thinking of a trip up north, we have put together a list of useful Scandinavian and Nordic greetings to help you out.

While most natives have English as second language, having the ability to converse in the native tongue is always beneficial. These basic greetings and phrases will help start your journey of discovering these exciting and unique languages.  

Scandinavian and Nordic Greetings & Useful Phrases


Famous for its forests and wilderness, as well as giving the world IKEA, ABBA and even Spotify, Sweden is said to have one of the happiest and healthiest populations in the world! 

Scandinavian and Nordic Greetings & Useful Phrases – Swedish:

Good morning/day/evening/nightGod morgon! / Goddag! / God kväll! / God natt!
Goodbye Hej då!
Thank you (very much) – Tack (så mycket)!
My name is …Jag heter…
Excuse meUrsäkta
You’re welcomeVarsågod! 


Home of Vikings, mythical trolls and stunning landscapes, Norway is a true adventurers paradise no matter what interests you. 

Scandinavian and Nordic Greetings & Useful Phrases – Norwegian:

Good morning/day/evening/nightGod morgen / God dag / God kveld / God natt
GoodbyeHa det
Thank you (very much)Takk (Tusen takk)
My name is …Mitt navn er…
Excuse meUnnskyld meg
You’re welcomeVær så go


The birthplace of Lego offers much more than just the history of the worlds most popular construction toy. Stunning architecture, beer and bicycles are just a few of the regular sights when visiting Denmark. 

Scandinavian and Nordic Greetings & Useful Phrases – Danish:

Good morning/day/evening/nightGod morgen / God dag / God aften / Godnat
Thank you (very much)Tak (mange tak)
My name is …Jeg hedder…
Excuse meUndskyld
You’re welcomeSelv tak


Scandinavian Greetings - Icelandic

Aside from the rugged landscape, volcanoes and geysers, Iceland offers stunning waterfalls, the ability to see the Northern Lights and not a single McDonald’s restaurant in sight! 

Scandinavian and Nordic Greetings & Useful Phrases – Icelandic:

Good morning/day/evening/nightGóðan daginn / Góðan dag / Gott kvöld / Góða nótt
Goodbye Bless
Thank you (very much)Takk (fyrir)
My name is …Ég heiti…
Excuse meFyrirgefðu
You’re welcomeþú ert velkominn/Gerðu svo vel 

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