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Where To Watch Subtitled Foreign Films In The UK

Go to the cinema and improve your language skills

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Foreign Language Film Academy Award. To commemorate this special anniversary, the Academy created an amazing playlist of all the acceptance speeches of this category to date, as well as a poster gallery of the winners.

Experiencing a foreign film in its original version is the best way to fully immerse yourself in the fictional world of the film. There are a lot of opportunities to watch subtitled foreign films throughout the year in the UK. Don’t miss on some great films – check what’s on over the next few weeks.

Toni Erdmann (German)

This acclaimed co-production between Germany and Austria was one of the 2017 Oscar nominated films and tells the story of Winfried, a divorced retiree who delights in playing pranks in his German suburb. Concerned about his rigid and controlled daughter, a high-ranking management consultant, he decides to surprise her with funnily excruciating visit. You can currently watch Toni Erdmann in London.

The Olive Tree (Spanish)

the olive tree

Alma works on a chicken farm on the East Coast of Spain. She has a deep connection with her grandfather even though he stopped talking years ago. When he begins to refuse food too, Alma is convinced that the only way to save him is to recover the millennial olive tree that her family sold 12 years ago against his will, now lost somewhere in Europe.

The Olive Tree is a moving physical and mental journey from director Icíar Bollaín, co-written with Paul Laverty (frequent collaborator of Ken Loach) that you can watch in London, Oxford, Brighton or Liverpool.

Elle (French)


The last film of the controversial director Paul Verhoeven is his first one in the French language. The Oscar nominated Isabelle Huppert brings Michèle to life on screen, a divorced businesswoman that is sexually assaulted in her own home, refuses to tell the police and takes matters into her own hands breaking conventions with an uncompromising perspective.

Watch Elle at several locations in London, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge or Liverpool, among other cities.

Lion (English, Hindi and Bengali)


Saroo, a five-year-old Indian boy gets lost in a train station and arrives in Calcutta, thousands of kilometres from home and where he doesn’t understand the local language. After surviving many challenges, he is adopted by a couple in Australia. More than 20 years later, he starts a quest to find his hometown and lost family.

The languages used in the film are English as well as Hindi and Bengali and the story is set in the India of the present and the past. Lion was one of the 2017 Oscar Best Picture nominees and you can still watch it in many locations such as London, Manchester, Brighton, Liverpool or Leeds.

Love with restrictions (Russian)

love with restrictions

After a government decree stating that 2% of employees of the big companies must be people with disabilities, Misha finds a way to leave his bad luck behind him. He gets fake medical documents, a wheelchair and goes for a job interview. Having successfully involved himself in a ridiculous situation, everything gets more complicated when he joins a support group for people with disabilities and meets a

Watch Love with restrictions if you are in London, Manchester, Leeds or Sheffield.

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