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UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

In Focus – UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 Finalists

The final of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 Championship is just around the corner. We thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take a more in-depth look at the two finalists.

The Women’s European Championship has captivated audiences across the country and world. This analysis of England and Germany is not only focused on their footballing abilities, but the countries a whole. We delve into their history, culture and, of course, their language.

UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 Finalists


Considered to the birthplace of the modern gamefootball in England is a national institution. With hundreds of professional and semi professional men’s and women’s teams across the country, you are never far from a football ground.

UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 - England

The history of the England men’s team has been up and down through the years. Yet, recent competitions have shown that the women’s team is one of the most dominant in the world. The recent campaign in Euro 2022 by the ‘Lionesses’ has helped solidify this. Though facing Germany will no doubt be a tense affair due to the history between the two nations in sporting events.

Football culture in England is a major part of society. Some cities have many teams within it’s boundaries, some less than a mile from each other. This can cause rivalrieseven between families! The image of football hooliganism in England was prominent in the 1990’s, this has subsided in recent years. Football has now returned to a form of family entertainment in England. It is now common to see families and young children attending matches.


Due to the popularity of the sport in the UK and the calibre of teams, players from across the world come to England. Nations such as KoreaBrazilArgentina and Venezuela are all represented in the Premier League. This inclusion of players from multiple nations makes English football teams some of the most diverse in the world. In turn, this attracts fans from across the world to come to England to watch their favourite team play.

This range of nationalities in the top flight football league is also reflected in the country’s population. With other 300 different languages spoken across the UK, it is one of the most diverse countries in Europe. Native English speakers however tend to have a limited knowledge of other languages. It is important then to have a basic grasp of English when visiting the country. At Cactus we offer a range of English language courses for every level. Perfect for your next visit to the UK.

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Why visit the UK?

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, millions of people visit the UK every year. This year has seen an influx of visitors due to the Women’s Euro 2022 tournament being hosted in the country. With popular cities such as London, Manchester and Liverpool, the cultural side of England spreads far from just football. Visitors to the UK can expect to see Historical sites dating back as far as the Romans, a vibrant performing arts scene and beautiful countryside.

Bath, England

The capital city, London, is compact and easy to navigate thanks to the TfL Underground and Bus network. With famous landmarks within a stones throw of each other, it is no wonder that London is such a popular destination. The combination of monuments, museums, restaurants and theatres make it the ideal location to visit or study in.


One of the most dominant forces in international football, Germany have 17 tournament wins across the men’s and women’s game. Their footballing prowess is undeniable and will be a tough challenge for England in the Women’s Euro 2022 final.

UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 - Germany

Considered to be the most popular sport in the country, football started life in Germany in 1874. The first match was initiated by two schoolteachers who had obtained a round ‘football’ during a visit to England. Since then the sport has spread across the country with over 31,000 clubs being members of the DFB (German Football Association).

An International Game

Thanks to the country’s status as ‘The Powerhouse of Europe’, the popularity of German football teams has grown across the world. This has increased the desire of many international players to transfer to these teams from across the world.

A notable feature of many German football teams is their cultural relevance, most dating back to the clubs origins. Bayern Munich are a prime example of this. As a club they represent Bavarian identity and are one of the most popular teams in the country. The irony of this is that outside of Bavaria, this state is generally considered a different country by most Germans.

Why Visit Germany?

Outside of football, there is so much to discover in Germany. Covering over 137,000 square miles, this sprawling central European country can offer delights for any visitor.


Cities such as Berlin, Munich and Leipzig provide stunning architectural insights into the history of Germany. The combination of modern features and historical sites make German cities some of the most intriguing in the world.

Over 32% of the country is covered with sprawling forests and mountains, ideal for exploration and nature lovers. Forests can be found across Germany, with the majority located in the west of the country.

Speaking German

As a central European hub, German cities in particular welcome international visitors all year round. While most residents speak some English, learning German is always a good idea for conversing with locals when visiting Germany. This is particularly true when visiting areas outside of the major cities.


For English speakers, German is one of the easiest languages to learn thanks to the similarities between the two dialects. This dates back to the origins of the English language which is derived from West Germanic. There are also a large amount of similarities between the sound of words in the two languages. For example, the German word for house is ‘haus’.

Learn More About UEFA Women’s Euro 2022:

You can always find more information and interesting facts about the Women’s Euro 2022 on the official website of Women’s Euro 2022.

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