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How to Say ‘Happy Easter’ in 25 Languages

How to Say ‘Happy Easter’ in 25 Languages

Easter is a time of joy, renewal, and celebration that transcends borders and cultures. A time to connect with loved ones near and far during this special season. You can add a touch of cultural flair by wishing them a happy Easter in their native language. This is your guide to spreading Easter greetings in various languages. Learn how to say ‘Happy Easter’ in 25 languages and share the spirit of the holiday in a unique way.

Happy Easter in 25 Languages – From Arabic to French to Ukrainian:

Happy Easter in Arabic: فصح سعيد (fiṣḥ sa’īd)

Happy Easter in Cantonese: 復活節快樂 (fuhkwuhtjit faailohk)

Happy Easter in Catalan: Feliç Pasqua

Happy Easter in Croatian: Sretan Uskrs

Happy Easter in Czech: Veselé Velikonoce

Happy Easter in Danish: God påske

Happy Easter in Dutch: Vrolijk Pasen

Happy Easter in French: Joyeuses Pâques

Happy Easter in German: Frohe Ostern

Happy Easter in Greek: καλό Πάσχα (Kaló pásha)

Happy Easter in Hebrew: חג פסחא שמח (chag pascha same’ach)

Happy Easter in Hindi: शुभ ईस्टर (śubh īsṭar)

Happy Easter in Italian: Buona Pasqua

Happy Easter in Japanese: イースターおめでとうございます (īsutā omedetō gozaimasu)

Happy Easter in Korean: 행복한 부활절이 되시길 (haengpoghan puhwarcheori toesikir)

Happy Easter in Mandarin (Chinese): 復活節快樂 [复活节快乐] (fùhuójié kuàilè)

Happy Easter in Norwegian: God påske

Happy Easter in Polish: Wesołego Alleluja

Happy Easter in Portuguese: Feliz Páscoa

Happy Easter in Russian: Христос воскрес (Khristos voskres)

Happy Easter in Spanish: Felices Pascuas

Happy Easter in Swedish: Glad Påsk

Happy Easter in Thai: สุขสันต์วันอีสเตอร์ (sùk săn wan èet-dtêr)

Happy Easter in Turkish: Mutlu Paskalyalar

Happy Easter in Ukrainian: Христос Воскрес (Khrystos Voskres)

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