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How to Learn a Language with a Full-Time Job

Learning a language with a full-time job can be challenging. However. language blogger and author, The Intrepid Guide, gives us her top 10 professional tips on how this can be achieved. From optimising your ‘dead time’ to setting your own goal, there are 10 great tips to learn a language you can use!

Learn a Language with a Full-Time Job by The Intrepid Guide

If you have a passion to learn a language then discover how to fit it in with your busy lifestyle. Optimise your learning time and use resources to make the most of your language exposure. Even watching movies or TV shows on Netflix are important for language progress. Understand how to learn a language with a full-time job:

You can also read her blog post How to Learn a Language with a Full-Time Job.

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Michele is a multilingual author and the founder of The Intrepid Guide, a hub for travellers and language learners with over 100,000 monthly readers. Follow Cactus and The Intrepid Guide on Instagram. The Intrepid Guide also offers her insight into the Cactus Evening Language Courses with 7 Things You Should Know Before Your First Language Class.

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If you are looking to learn a language – Cactus can help you! We offer language classes that can suit your busy lifestyle. From evening language classes in 5 locations across the UK to online classes. If you just want to improve your speaking skills, discover our conversation classes. Alternatively, try our private classes tailored to your needs. Join the thousands of students that every year choose Cactus to learn a language with real teachers.

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