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Eurovision 2023: Top Songs From Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest is an institution in homes across Europe and hundreds of millions of people watch every year. Is it an exciting competition which can see people cheering for countries other than their own. It also produces some good songs. Some of the top songs from Eurovision have experienced radio rotation for years to come.

Top Songs From Eurovision

With Eurovision less than 2-weeks away we have taken a look at some of the top songs from the history of Eurovision. From Finnish monsters to Swedish pop legends, this song contest has produced some memorable moments. Many of the tracks are still discussed today.

Rock Monsters from Finland

2006 was the year Eurovision went metal. Finland’s entry into the 51st Eurovision Song Contest came from rock/metal band Lordi. The band stunned, and subsequently impressed, audiences with the track “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. With a performance complete with masks, costumes and a fistful of Scandinavian metal, Lordi were hard to ignore. Lordi’s performance is memorable for their performance but they are also the first and only winners of Eurovision from Finland.

The popularity of “Hard Rock Hallelujah” was so much so that it lead to a world record! The record itself was for the most people performing karaoke at the same time. 80,000 people took part in the performance in Helsinki’s Market Square six days after the song contest.

Canadian in Switzerland

The 1988 edition of the competition took place in Dublin and helped launch the career of one of the worlds most famous female vocalists in history. 20-year old Celine Dion had had some success in Canada and France prior to the 33rd edition of Eurovision. Number 1 tracks and awards had started to come the way of this Canadian artist, but Eurovision 1988 helped propel Dion into the mainstream across Europe.

Celine Dion - Eurovision

Performing the song “Ne partez pas sans moi” on behalf of Switzerland, Celine Dion ended up taking away the grand prize in Dublin by a single point. Her beautiful French track beat Scott Fitzgerald by 137 points to 136 in a gripping Grand Final. It is also the last time a French language song has won the competition.

UK Leading The Way

The UK has had a chequered past with Eurovision. With 2003 and 2021 seeing the UK receive ‘nil points’. In other years barely scraping the barrel during the voting section. However, 1981 was the complete opposite. Pop group Bucks Fizz stormed to the top of the leaderboard with the now classic track ‘Making Your Mind Up’.

Famous for its upbeat and catchy tune, ‘Making Your Mind Up’ also brought the viewers one of the most memorable moments in Eurovision history. During the performance the two male members of the group whipped off the long skirts of the two female members in a pre-rehearsed action to reveal two shorter skirts below. This has been seen by many as the moment which tipped the voting into the groups favour and secured them the win.

Swedish Pop Gods

No list of Eurovision performances can be complete without mentioning the Swedish royalty that is ABBA. In 1974 Eurovision beamed out its signal from Brighton on the south coast of England and ABBA mania was launched. Performing the track ‘Waterloo’, ABBA walked away with the prize for Sweden, the first win for the country.

ABBA - Eurovision

ABBA went on to become one of the biggest selling pop acts of all time selling millions of records across the world. In 2005 ‘Waterloo’ was voted as the Best Eurovision Song ever. Not bad for a song which the UK gave zero points to in the voting stage.

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