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How to Say ‘Good Morning’ in 25 Languages

Learning how to say ‘Good Morning’ will help you in many situations. Particularly when travelling to another country and meeting native speakers. Along side ‘Hello‘ it’s the first thing people learn to be able to then introduce themselves. Knowing how to say ‘Good morning’ in 25 languages can help build a rapport with others. A great way to start discovering different cultures.

Start covering the basics by learning how to say ‘Hello‘, ‘Thank You‘ and ‘Welcome‘ in another language. You can go a bit further by learning how to say ‘I Love You‘, ‘Happy Birthday‘ or ‘Goodbye‘. Make this your starting point but do not stop there. Get started on learning a new language from complete beginner to proficiency with Cactus.

Good Morning in 25 Languages – From Arabic to Greek to Turkish:

Good Morning in Arabic: صباح الخير (Sabāḥul Kẖayr)

Good Morning in Cantonese: 早晨 (Jóusàhn)

Good Morning in Catalan: Bon dia

Good Morning in Croatian: Dobro jutro

Good Morning in Czech: Dobré ráno

Good Morning in Danish: God morgen

Good Morning in Dutch: Goedemorgen

Good Morning in French: Bonjour

Good Morning in German: Guten Morgen

Good Morning in Greek: Καλημέρα σας (Kaliméra sas)

Good Morning in Hebrew: בוקר טוב (Boker tov)

Good Morning in Hindi: नमस्ते (namaste)

Good Morning in Italian: Buongiorno

Good Morning in Japanese: お早うございます / おはようございます (ohayō gozaimasu)

Good Morning in Korean: 안녕하십니까 (annyeong hashimnikka)

Good Morning in Mandarin: 早安 (zǎo’ān)

Good Morning in Norwegian: God morgen

Good Morning in Polish: Dzień dobry

Good Morning in Portuguese: Bom dia

Good Morning in Russian: Доброе утро! (Dobroe utro!)

Good Morning in Spanish: Buenos días

Good Morning in Swedish: God morgon

Good Morning in Thai: สวัสดีครับ (sà-wàt-dee kráp)

Good Morning in Turkish: Günaydın

Good Morning in Ukrainian: Доброго ранку! (Dobroho ranku)

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Starting to learn a new language is not always easy. However, starting with simple words and phrases such as ‘Good Morning’ can make it easier. It can be the starting point of your language learning journey. Now that you know how to say Good Morning in 25 languages, it’s time to get started. There are many ways to learn a language with Cactus. You can join a language course with qualified teachers. Or you can go for private classes if you prefer lessons adapted to your needs. You can choose to learn how it suits you best from over 25 languages including French, Japanese and Thai. Start learning online or in one of our schools in Brighton, London, Manchester or Edinburgh.

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