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Say Welcome in 23 Different Languages

Welcome! When learning a new language there is always a simple way to start. Be it basic phrases or words, these are the ideal entry points for new learners. Learning to say welcome in a new language is the obvious place to start. We have put together a list of how to say welcome in 23 different languages below to help you start your language journey. All of these languages are able to be studied with Cactus either online or face to face at one of our study centres.

Say Welcome in 23 Different Languages

Welcome in Arabic: مَرْحَباً (ahlan bik)

Welcome in Cantonese: 歡迎 (fùnyìhng)

Welcome in Croatian: Dobrodošli!

Welcome in Czech: Vítejte!

Welcome in Danish: Velkommen

Welcome in Dutch: Welkom!

Welcome in French: Bienvenue !

Welcome in German: Willkommen!

Welcome in Greek: Καλώς ήρθες (kalos irθes)

Welcome in Hebrew: ברוך הבא (Barukh habah)

Welcome in Hindi: स्वागत हे (Svaagat he)

Welcome in Italian: Benvenuto!

Welcome in Japaneseようこそ! (Yōkoso)

Welcome in Korean: 환영하다 (hwan-yeonghada)

Welcome in Mandarin: 欢迎 (Huānyíng)

Welcome in Norwegian: Velkommen!

Welcome in Polish: Witamy

Welcome in Portuguese:  Bem-vindo!

Welcome in Romanian: Bun venit!

Welcome in Spanish: ¡Bienvenido!

Welcome in Swedish: Välkommen!

Welcome in Thai: ยินดีต้อนรับ (Yin-dee-Ton-Rub)

Welcome in Turkish: Hoş geldiniz

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Next Steps to Learn to Say Welcome in 23 Languages

Learning a language is always a changeling and a rewarding experience. To make sure you are on the right track, you can join a language course to help you on your language learning journey. The help of other students and tutors will make it much easier. 

Cactus offers an extensive selection of language courses, enabling you to learn any language. From Arabic to French to Turkish there are many language options. You can choose a course that best suits your needs.

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