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How to Say Goodbye in Different Languages

How to Say ‘Goodbye’ in Different Languages

Knowing how to say goodbye in different languages is just as important as saying hello – and sometimes more difficult! Whether you’re trying to say farewell to family members over the holidays, or end that ever so long Zoom call on a business meeting –  our list of how to say goodbye in different languages will help you on your way!

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How to Say Goodbye in Different Languages Across the World:

Goodbye in Arabic

وداعا (wadaeaan)

Goodbye in Croatian


Goodbye in Czech


Goodbye in Danish


Goodbye in Dutch


Goodbye in French

Au revoir

Goodbye in German


Goodbye in Greek

αντίο (antío)

Goodbye in Hindi

अलविदा (alavida)

Goodbye in Italian


Goodbye in Japanese

さようなら (Sayōnara)

Goodbye in Korean

안녕 (annyeong)

Goodbye in Spanish


Goodbye in Mandarin

再见 (Zàijiàn)

Goodbye in Norwegian

Ha det

Goodbye in Polish

Do widzenia

Goodbye in Portuguese


Goodbye in Russian

Прощай (Proshchay)

Goodbye in Swedish


Goodbye in Thai

ลาก่อน (Lā k̀xn)

Goodbye in Turkish

Güle güle

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More Information About the Languages:

Are you looking to start learning a language? Are you looking to learn how to pronounce goodbye in different languages? Cactus offers a variety of great group language courses, online and in the UK, across the world and private classes.

Learning a language have never been easier and is a great way to start uncover a different culture. Going away soon? Take our how to say goodbye in different languages guide with you and read more about our all of these languages.

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