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8 Proven Tips for Learning a Language Online

8 Proven Tips for Learning a Language Online

Learning a language online can seem challenging if it’s your first time – but don’t worry, it’s easy once you get the hang of it and these top tips will help you start! Find out how learning a language online from home with our online language courses can be fun, interactive and a good way to improve your skills.

Find below our 8 Tips for Learning a Language Online. You can also read our articles on How Long Does it Take to Learn a Language? and How to Learn a Language with a Full-Time Job to give you some ideas about what to expect from your language course.

1. Commitment

Learning a language online in a group setting will demand the same commitment and determination from you as a face-to-face course. You will join a class with the teacher and other students, and participate in pair work, small groups work and whole group activities. Activities include teacher-student correction slots, speaking and communication role plays, discussions and debates, quizzes, games, reading skills and listening skills practice and grammar exercises.

2. Make it fun and interesting!

You can also support what you learn on the course by practising the language outside of the class. You can use online games to study and practice your skills, such as Kahoot! App. Learning the language whilst having fun with interactive games is one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated. You can also join Tandem and start practising the language with native speakers as a complement to your language course. Other options include binge-watching TV shows in their original language – Netflix has plenty to get you started.

3. Choose the right course for you

If you are going to learn a language online, then you need to set your own goals and choose the right language course for you. You can choose a more intensive option if you have time, such as a 5-week course or a less intensive one with a 10-week course. Your progress will depend on your availability and how much you can invest in learning the language.

4. Prepare ahead of the course

One of the best tips for learning a language online is to prepare ahead of the course (or class). Organise yourself for the course, see what you will need in terms of course materials and start familiarising yourself with the language with our free online language resources.

5. Build a routine

Whilst working from home, one of the best ways to stay organised is to build a routine into your day. This also applies to learning a language online. You can set the times and days that you will dedicate to studying the language (not including the class hours), and let the course help you build that routine.

6. Create a comfortable space

Create a dedicated, quiet and specific space for your studies. A welcoming space will make it easier to get the right mindset to learn a language online. Less distractions will mean that you (and other participants) can focus on the course content. Get comfortable and ready to learn!

7. Support network: teachers and other students

Our online language courses offer an engaging and communicative way to learn a language online that replicates the face-to-face experience. However, you might need some extra support outside of the class time. You should engage with other students and create a support network to help you mutually learn the language. If you have any questions, teachers will be able to help you as well. Use MyCactus to communicate with your teacher.

8. Time for yourself!

It is also very important to get some time to relax. Working from home, studying from home and doing everything else from home can be challenging. Dedicate some leisure time to yourself to relax. Most importantly, do not pressure yourself for not doing something productive at all times. SelfControl app is a great tool to help you achieve that.

Cactus offers online language courses for over 20 languages, so you can learn from the comfort of your home or desk. You can choose a course that meets your needs and we hope that our tips for learning a language online can set you on the right track.


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