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Top Ukrainian Phrases & Words

Learning Ukrainian may seem like a somewhat daunting task. Particularly for those unfamiliar with Eastern European languages. But, at Cactus we offer structured courses to help you develop your skills. From being a complete beginner in Ukrainian through to having a commanding knowledge of Ukrainian. To help give you a taste of learning this amazing language, we have compiled a list of useful Ukrainian phrases and words. This list will give you the basics to be able to communicate in Ukrainian in a variety of situations.

Ukrainian Phrases - Kyiv

Basic Ukrainian Phrases

Here are some basic Ukrainian phrases and words you can use to get a taste of this East Slavic language. Written in both Ukrainian and phonetic English, this list is a great place to start when looking at studying Ukrainian with Cactus. Basic Ukrainian phrases:

Good morning – Доброго ранку! [dobroho ranku]
Good evening – Добрий вечір! [dobryi vechir]
Good night – На добраніч [na dobranich]
Hello – Добрий день! [dobryi den’]
HiПривіт! [pryvit]
Goodbye – До побачення! [do pobachenn’a]
Thank you – Дякую! [d’akuju]
I’m sorry/Excuse me (informal) – Вибач [vybach]
I’m sorry/Excuse me (formal) – Вибачте [vybachte]
Please – Будь ласка [bud’ laska]
You’re welcome – Прошу [proshu]
I don’t know – Не знаю [ne znayu]
My name is… – Мене звуть… [mene zvut’]
Yes – Так [tak]
No – Ні [ni]

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Explore Ukrainian Further

If these basic Ukrainian phrases have whet your appetite for this interesting language then why not explore our Ukrainian courses? We offer a variety of Ukrainian courses which can be studied online or at a selection of language centres in the UK. Our Our Ukrainian classes are structured to develop your skills. Start learning with a 10-week course. The perfect option for those coming with no previous knowledge of the language.

Cactus offer a range of courses suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Not only can you study in one of our language centres, but you can also study at home! With weekly lessons, you can soon build up your skills to be able to converse in one of these countries.

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