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Junior Language Courses Abroad: Are they Worth the Money?

language courses abroad for juniors

What are the Real Benefits of a Junior Language Course Abroad?

When it comes to Easter and Summer camps for children and teenagers there is a myriad of options available for parents to choose from. But apart from the obvious benefit of giving mum and/or dad a well-deserved break, how much value is there really in forking out up to A?500 per week on what essentially could be seen as glorified child minding?

In 2014 David and Rebecca sent their 13 year old son Jacob on his first solo trip abroad to Montpellier, France, on a two- week language and activity programme. Understanding the importance that having a second language (and possibly a third) will play in Jacoba��s employability and future-career they wanted to ensure they were giving Jacob the best opportunity to gain confidence in another language at an early age, as David put it a�?We in Britain are bullishly monolingual which, in our opinion, is not a good thing.a�? *

However, can parentsa�� linguistic ambitions for their children actually be realised in such an environment? Do the children really learn anything? Is it worth the logistical hassle and the inevitable worry involved in sending your child away for the first time on their own?

David and Rebecca seem to think so a�� and sent Jacob back on the same programme in 2015, a�?Jacob only had a very basic knowledge of French before last yeara��s course (and his French is still elementary). However, he came away with a nascent understanding of grammar and a basic ability to understand spoken French and we were very pleased with his progressa�?.

a�?We are hoping this year that by returning for a fortnight, to a familiar regime and place will give him further confidence to open up and attempt to communicate. He is not overly gregarious, but he is hea��s truly looking forward to going a�� which is a motivational triumph for a 14 year old boy.a�?

CIA Antibes – French Junior Summer Programme

20 Lessons Per Week + Activities + Residential Accommodation + Full Board + Airport Transfers
A?567 per week, international student mix, 13 to 17 years old, based on the French Riviera
Book now and receive a��50 off per week. For courses between June 26th to August 27th, 2016

Montpellier – French Junior Summer Pogramme

20 Lessons Per Week + Activities + Host Family or Student Residence Accommodation + Full Board
1 week from A?545, 11 – 16 years old, safe historic location

Seville – Spanish Clic Juniors Programme

20 Lessons Per Week + Activities + Host Family Accommodation + Full Board
1 week from A?424, 14 – 17 years old, cultural activities and excursions
Only one hour from the beach. Courses also available in Cadiz.

Malaga, Madrid or Salamanca

20 Lessons Per Week + Activities + Host Family or Student Residence Accommodation + Full Board
150 Euros off all 2 week bookings when booked before 21st March 2016
Contact Us Now for more information

*names have been changed

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